2013 Videos- A Blessing?


I feel like we are being spoiled. :slight_smile:
Post your favorite below.
Mine has got to be the new yeti video, absolutely fantastic!



Inb4 Ill Vibes.

EDIT: Figured I’d contribute something. I guess I’ll post this for all the CLYW fans.


as soon as I saw the title of the thread I knew someone was going to post that :stuck_out_tongue: and now that I have a Fools Gold Avalanche it’s even funnier 'cause I swear all the vibe is in my throw and the yoyo is smooth as butter :stuck_out_tongue:

(kclejeune) #5

I’ll vibes is one of my favorites of all time, not just 2013. I’m planning to make a video featuring the rally, so if all goes well that should be pretty chill too.


Hello?? Ryan Gee?


I’ve gotta go with the SPYY Legacy video. I’ve watched it several times already just in the few days it came out, and it’s not getting old. Tied with that though, is Origami. I can’t decide between those two. It’s been a seriously great year for videos so far. So many amazing videos. Anyway, my top 2:


Origami, the Yeti Video, and John Ando’s demo of the new Superstar…

I’m blown away!


LOL, I didn’t even realize that that video was posted in 2013. It would definitely have to be the most entertaining video of 2013. And of all time for that matter.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is completely consumed by horizontal combos. Like, I need there to be a couple sidestyle combos and maybe even just ONE frontstyle combo. Actually, it needed a little more throwing in general IMO.