2013 CLYW Video Contest - Best Videos

Okay, I entered this contest a while back. I would like to see who, so far, has the best video. Please do not post your own. The ones that I like are:

  1. Mateusz Mendyka
  2. Andy Jones
  3. Evan Gronberg
  4. Erik Kerber
  5. Wilson Ni

Mason devriend…
Owen Ekblad…

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I believe your are talking about Andy Jones on that #2 pick.

And about your #3 choice…thanks for picking me, but I think you might have been a bit biased since we are friends, LOL. I DEFINITELY don’t think that I am a top five competitor, but I am flattered if you truly view my entry as the third best.

YEAH, THAT GUY!!! I will insert that. Thanks.

I really do think that you are in there right now. Then again, I have not seen all the videos.

I now, need to find out where to put Erik Kerber. His video isn’t too bad.

Thanks for mentioning me

I know my vid could have been better but I kinda just whipped it up quick

Thanks for thinking of me! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Loving this

Is this a tutorial or entry?  Or is this like a cabin tutorial?

Technically, such a tutorial follows the conditions of the contest, so I think it’s both

Yup, it’s both. You get to enjoy the video, laugh along to the rap, and also learn a new trick!

But I’m busy worrying about how bad my entry is compared to everyone else.