2013 CLYW Video Contest - Andy Jones

My entry to the CLYW video comp.

The music is mixed too quiet so speakers may have to be ajusted… wooops…

By far the best looking video I’ve seen. Flipping great tricks as usual too. Definitely one of the best.

Really great stuff, Andy!

Cheers guys thanks.

Ive seen some great ones come out since tho.

My vote goes to Trinity Yoyo Club.

WOW! That was pretty awesome.

So far, you and Mateusz Mendyka are my favorites. I entered to but I don’t think I stand a chance.

This is so good man, and when you kissed your girlfriend on the tree that was just the cherry on top.

Great vid!

Great scenery!

Excellent! It looked like the first half minute seamlessly edited into one trick, i would very be surprised if this didn’t get to round two!

Excellent vid!