2012 YYF Mystery Box UNBOXING

(SR) #1

Yes, another one for your viewing pleasure.

Short and sweet. No one likes 10 minute unboxing videos.


I like how the Avant Garde was just floating around without a box.

(SR) #3

haha, I took it out to play with it, I was to lazy to put it back in the box lol.


Well that makes a lot more sense. I would have been a little ticked if yoyofactory just threw their high dollar throw in the box like that and sold it to people.

It looks pretty sweet, btw.

(SR) #5

Yeah haha
It plays even better… one of my new favorite throws. It’s literally so good! To bad the 2 is so much worse.


You have a deep voice.

(SR) #7

jk haha

Thanks I guess, I’m sure you have a beautiful voice as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


There can be deeper
Also, that’s a random and off topic statement…


DANGIT. Got Ninja’d


I had already heard that the Avant Garde 2 wasn’t so hot, and when I found out there as an Avant Garde in the box, I was thinking it’d be the 2. I was like, “Well… I’m sure it’ll still be worth the cost.”

Now I’m super-excited. Lots of people have good things to say about the original Avant Garde. I’m even looking forward to the Whistling Yoyo so that I can annoy colleagues. :wink:

And I’m kind of a bearing nut. The Spec X included is a nice bonus!


That Avant Garde colorway is just perfect.