2012 Preview


See you at PNWR!!

Just messin around with some new and really fun concepts!


Great job bro; I hope you do very well! ;D


Awesome stuff!


That was awesome! Maybe I will see you at PNWR


I really liked it. You have some really smooth tricks, their really nice. Great job! See you at PNWR too.


Thanks guys!!!


See you at pnwr too but non of us will make it probably over 100 people and most of the finals will be filled with sponsered players


nice work man good luck, make sure you film your 5a run this time haha. hey let me know if you got some time over break, its cold out but we should have another meet.
sick vid as always, you have so many different concepts man it must be so hard to chose competition tricks.


good job!!!


Gee way to be optimistic. With that attitude you will never make it past a prelim round. It is true that nationals finalists get seeds to finals, which means less sponsored players in prelims, which means(possibly) a greater chance to make it past prelim rounds.

Thanks everyone else for the comments!


Ok the truth is your really good a pretty good chance YOU will make it to the finals


Nah dude I’m sure you, or anyone, could put together a prelim and make it past prelim rounds. I get way nervous on stage so that obviously plays in

(Big Mike) #13

Trick at :34 is hot fire!


Thanks- I think Sebastian does a trick similar to that!