Patrick Canny 2012

New Video showcasing a bunch of tricks for the 2012 season. Using the Chief by CLYW.

Comments are greatly appreciated:)

Dude this is some really great stuff.

That was… Awesome!!!

Just like a PNWR, still rockin it. I really like the new stuff but the tricks you had at PNWR were pretty sweet as well.

Dude I request permission to expect a few titles won!

nice combos :wink:

I haven’t even watched this yet but I can tell you I like it :slight_smile: met you at PNWR if I’m not mistaken. You were teaching me a few tricks. Super chill guy. Super great tricks. Keep it up! I’m looking out for you in the future :slight_smile:

Sup, it’s Wilson. Sick meeting you at PNWR!! You got so much better, so many legit tricks, haha.

Awesome slack! Really like your style!

Thaks Everyone!!!

@awhit Yea I think I remember you!!! Are you planning on going to other contests??

PNWR was my first contest. Considering BAC and nationals, but only time will tell :slight_smile: thanks for the tricks btw, got that john ando one down!