2011 Indiana State Yo-Yo Contest


The Indiana State Museum

April 29 - 30

More details to come very soon!!!



I really want to go. Being on a Friday could cause some troubles though. Is the contest really going to be 2 days long? Hopefully if it is Friday, it’ll be late so I have time to get there. Hopefully it’ll end up being a Saturday though.


hey i live a couple hors from there and so it would be two days so if i rented a hotel room could i just go back the next day and it willl be free unless i enter the contest right? and does anyone know any clubs within 2 hours from south bend or goshen indiana the most i can drive is 3 hours


Is there going to be something like a promo video for the contest?


I would go except its on the same days as my class trip to NYC. Darn. :stuck_out_tongue:


there sould be one within a week and a half


well indy yoyo club is at the eiteljorg museum (it is right next to the state museum) from 2 to 4 or so. they will validate parking. jsut go in the side door on the west side of the building.


Will it actually be a 2 day contest or is Friday night just a party like most other contests?


Friday night is actual contest. Details coming soon.