The 2012 Indiana State Yo-Yo Contest

The 2012 Indiana State Yo-Yo Contest is gonna happen!!! YAY!!!
June 9, 2012

The Indianapolis Artsgarden, located right in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. The Artsgarden is directly attached to the Circle Center Mall and 3 hotels. Learn more at…

This year’s contest is shaping up to be the best yet! Start making your plans now :slight_smile:

More information coming soon!

Finally! A contest that isn’t on the other side of the U.S!

Yes! Thanks Takeshi! So excited!

When is registration gonna be up?

and is it gonna be a bracket style competition like last years?

Thanks for the info, Takeshi!


Yes can’t wait. Will there be a website where I can get more info?

Registered ;D

how do i register for the contest