2010 g5

Does the new 2010 g5 come with zstacks and hubstacks?

I fit is the multicoloured zstack G5 then no, it doesn’t come with hubstacks aswell, I got my one today and is awesome, I love it!

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Really? I bought the 09 G5 and it came with both… Thats suprising that they wouldn’t include normal stacks…

Is the spectrum edition G5 the 2010 G5, and if it is, and is the g5 I got today, then no it soesn’t have hubstacks, I think that is maybe part of the selling point maybe?

my 2010 G5 did’t come with normal stack either.
the 2009 (not the bubble G5) come with both though. . . .

2010 G5’s come with Z-Stacks.