2010 Bill Liebowitz Classic -- HSPIN's People's Choice Awards!

Over here in Europe we were extremly sad not to be able to witness this year’s BLC contest with a new record of participants, with a lot of entertaining features and most of all…

…with the audience judging side by side to the real judges using any browser-cabaple handheld device!

Exactly. The audience could vote and did vote for their very own winners. HSPIN sponsored the development and implementation of the infrastructure of this very nice feature.

With great pride and applause, let me name the People’s winners of the BLC 2010 and join me in congratulating them:

Rookie Division (4 way tie):
Dawson Schaefer
Ibrahim Itani
Julian Lach
Nick Kormos

Daniel Mizell

Yoshi Mikamoto

Elliot Ostergaard

Daniel Mizell

Daniel Mizell

We will be in touch with the event organizers to reward these fine players,


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