2009 World Yo-Yo Contest

Hey guys if your goin to the world yoyo contest in August reply to this post. It`s in August 13-15,in Orlando,FL for hotel and times and other stuff go to www.worldyoyocontest.com SEE U THERE!

I’m going to worlds instead of China :stuck_out_tongue:

yo moefv im going and i actually lve pretty close to you O_o u live in pembroke pines(ur post said so) i live over in sunny isles xD. we should meet up some day and ya im going to worlds to xD

Sounds good see u at worlds. Oh and keep on yoyoing.

Oh yes, is there a trick list for the world 2009 yo-yo contest?

Not that I know of. I really don`t know try their website. www.worldyoyocontest.com