2009 G5 Vs. 2009 eight8eight

Which yoyo is better as in spin times with a average throw and which do you like better? I’m leaning towards the G5 but the eight8eight is cool. HELP!

Well they both have good sleep time. But if you have an average throw, sleep time shouldn’t be a matter. When it comes to these two yoyos, you should think about what shape and size you like. The G5 is a full-sized H-shaped yoyo while the 888 is an undersized rounded yoyo. So what shape and size do you prefer? Find out, tell us, and receive help.

I like a small size, around a Hitman.

888, it is smaller. I have tried both but I didn’t like the round edges and h shape.

Sorry, from a phone

I have a 2009 stripped edition G5, and it spins about 2 minutes and 3 seconds. I love it!!! Sorry, I don’t have an 888, but 888 is also better.

Happy Throwing! =]

acording to the shape go with the 888. bolth have great sleep times. i like bolth and do not know which i like better. (superstar is better than anything!)(superstar is way different though)

He said he liked the size of a Hitman. The SuperStar is way bigger than a Hitman and an 888.

To Spencer: If you like the shape, size and feel of the Hitman, you should know that the G5 will be completely opposite of that. So if you want to try something new, a G5 or a SuperStar would be good. But if you want to stick with an undersized rounded yoyo, the 888 is the way to go. So this really comes down to what you want. Just give this a thought and you’ll find out.