200 dollar ds with games 100$!!!!!! Thats a steal Want:general-yo,clyw,od,

[Also i have a game of the year edetion calll of duty modern warfare. little tiny scratches from laying around but it works fine. When i first opened it a accidentaly ripped out the cover on the outside of the case. So the outside is just green like all xbox games. It is for XBOX 360. 30 obo (rather trade)

Adding NBA 2k11. Best game i have ever owned!!! I just got it but i dont play games anymore. Its for xbox360 and is mint. Not 1 scratch and mint box. 45 obo (rather trade

So i have a ds i hav not played for like a year or two.It is special edition guitar hero meaning the bottom half is black and the top is shiny silver with flame guitar hero symbol.It works amazingly perfect and comes with a pokemon ranger game and brain age 2 and a nerf case which are each 25 bucks. I have pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/59658868@N02/ and want about 100$ but id rather trade. because of the fact it doesnt have scratches except for like two and works amazing plus it comes with game and case is why i want 100$. (this case is super thick foam it can withstand almost anything) It will come with pokemon ranger shadows of almia and brain. Cmon guys this is a good deal 25dollar game + 25 dollar game+140 dolar ds+ 20dollar case=210$ worth of stuff u can get for 100$. Also just so u know these are not made anymore.
SPECIAL OFFER!!! A free hitman and ds for 100$$ thats pretty much the hitman free with ds

el bumpo cmon guys i need more offers