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hey guys. so i am selling my black nintendo ds lite and some games. this ds lite has some small scratches that are normal on the top when closed and a couple on the back. this can only be seen when adjusted under the light. this is normal as ds’s get put in pockets and cases that are scratchy. does not effect looks. the screens have one or 2 scratches but do not affect play or sight of screen. i am thinking to sell it for around 80ish, but just offer up and i will approve or disaprove. also for sale is a case that holds games and the ds. it has a carry place to carry it on your belt and one to hook it to something. on the cover it has a pic of yoshi and on the side it hast he yoshi spots. also attached to the clip thing it has a cleaner for the screen that tucks into a pouch thing.


10 dollar games-

big brain academy- works good has manual

brain age- works good has manual

asphalt 2 urban gt- great game works good no manual but it is pretty easy to figure out.

7 dollar games -

drawn to life 2 the next chapter. works good no box or manual

5 dollar games -

sea monsters - a national geographic game - it is an okay game it just wasnt for me has manual

age of empires the age of kings - it is a good strategy game works good has manual

elite beat agents - a prettty good game for getting rythem down. it actually helped me while starting guitar ( a while ago) has manual.

4 dollar game -

my frogger toy trails - works good. no box or manual

3 dollar game -

metroid prime hunters first hunt demo - works good no box or manual

2 dollar game -

tony hawks downhill jam - a pretty good game just got boring not that good graphics

f 14 tomcat - pretty good plane game for game boy advance no box or manual

all these things are in good condition just offer up. i might put these on ebay too.

what im looking for -

cash - of course looking for like 80 or more as it is mint for more yoyos im looking to buy an 888x.

trade - im not really looking for trades.i just want money around 80 or more since it is mint.

here are some pictures for the stuff. the first and second pics are of the ds and the last 2 are of the case closed and opened

Just gonna let you know a thread in the BST (on a yoyo forum of all places) should probably be yoyo related.