Selling Used DS

Ok, this is my ds. It is a DS lite, and is a zelda special edition oro (goldish color) as well, making it a possible collectors item. It doesn’t have the origional stylus, and has LCD leakages on the top screen, blotting most of it out. Bottom screen is fine. Has some dents around the edges. The top screen makes it near impossible to play some games, such as new Mario 64 DS and New Pokemon games. However, you can still play any gameboy game on the bottom screen. It comes with a charger as well, and I’ll pay for shipping. Choose any game down below adding 10 dollars to the price:

Elite Beat Agents (you cannot see cutscenes, however, gameplay is unharmed.

Big Bass Fishing (Gameplay is near impossible)

Wario, Master of Disguise (Gameplay is good, but you can’t see the map layouts very well)

Games are only for sale WITH DS. Heck, if you make me an offer I’m ok with, you can make a profit on ebay selling it for spare parts, or get it repaired for 50 dollars on ebay if you find a good listing. Also, Nintendo will repair it for 75 dollars, and give you a new one for 85 dollars.