2 Quick Repeaters - Lee Hops and Pulsar


Just a couple repeaters I shot this evening - Lee Hops and Pulsar. Didn’t expect them to be so poor quality  :-\

(DOGS) #2

You dont need to tag the links, the forum takes care of the embedding :wink: looking foward to seeing the vids! get to it!

EDIT: you mentioned poor quality. How long ago did you upload them? If you uploaded them recently the quality will be lacking for a while and then it improves when it’s processed.


Oops. I copied it from my post on another forum which requires you to tag the videos. Fixed.

(DOGS) #4

I like 'em. Lee hops I’ve seen before but it’s very slick.

(Infinite Chaos) #5

Haven’t seen either of these before but they’re very slick, especially if you perform in front of non-throwers. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for sharing!


Thanks. I’m trying to take a more simplistic approach to creating tricks these days - and with great success. I’ve gone from trying to invent competition worthy material to focusing on what’s fun and simple, and I’ve gotta say I’m enjoying yo-yoing alot more that way. (Thanks Q for that advice ;))