2 DMs, CHEAP!!! $65 for both. Also free X-brain and Fast 201k with purchase.

I am selling all of these to help pay for my birthday present from my parents which will be much more than they will pay for by themselves. These can be for trade depending on the offer and need to be sold by July 15th. (it’s my b-day) All prices are shipped. I could sell them all for $120.00 as a package deal. The only yoyo I’m keeping is my 888x. (not on the list)

Well, here they are.

DV888: pretty dinged, size A, $30

Royal DM: mint, barely thrown, $40

10th Anniversary DM: beautiful coloring, mint, barely thrown, $40 PENDING

Dark Magic: blue, 1 visible ding, 1 drop 10 ball bearing, $30

Fast 201k: not used much, given away with any more expensive yoyos

X-brain: not used much, given away with any more expensive yoyos

2 extra purple 100% polyester strings with every yoyo except the X-brain and Fast 201k. All bearings are stock unless noted. I can also include thick lube with any yoyo except the X-brain and Fast 201k for free.

Big price drop. 1 DM and the DV888 sold.

July 15 is coming up!

If I Buy a Dark Magic do i get the X-Brain and the Fast 201k?
Or do I have to buy it all?

Actaully I’ll buy the Blue Dark Magic for 25 bucks?
Can I get a thin lube and 2 polyester strings and the fast 201 and the x-brain to come with it?

double post

Either the Fast 201k or the X-brain if you buy one yoyo. I don’t have thin lube, but could give you 5 strings. I will take $25 but only if you paid for shipping.