2 and a half months!!

I decided to make a yoyo video since I had some free time today! First video!!!


Let me know what you think!!

Nice man! Subbed ;D

Damn son tight stuff. That bouncy thing on the wrist mount looks cool as hell.

Whoa! I gotta step my game up! haha! This is awesome!!!

I’m so upping my game up! You and HipposEatCereal got me beat!

hahaha, to be honest, I still can’t do iron whip.//real talk, HipposLoveCereal’s progress is insane.

oh guys stop it youre making me blush. You can call me Stephen btw haha. Or Steven. Or Step. Or Hippos. If you don’t want to type.

Loved the fake out! great job hope to see more soon, Subbed!