2/24FS:LargeBearing FHZ LF: Sovereign, Aurora

For each yoyo, please infer an “or best offer.” The only thing I’m looking to trade for or buy at the moment is a Sovereign and an Aurora. Otherwise, I’m just selling. For buyers outside of North America, I only ship with tracking. Shipping with tracking from the US to most international locations costs roughly $30US. Please plan to add enough to cover shipping. Lastly, as a precautionary measure, I only erase yoyos and descriptions from my BST once they have arrived to you and we have traded feedback.

For those of you looking for a clear or dyed/painted FHZ, I’m all out but should have more in the not too distant future. Hit me up if you’d like me to modify an FHZ you already have.

This Special Edition Yoyonation FHZ is mint and I have converted it to a large bearing. Looking for $36 shipped or best offer.

Sold or on hold

On hold for CharleshasyynThis Pure Gold is mint in box – all original stuff included. This thing looks awesome, I just can’t bring myself to bang up such a beauty. $130 shipped USPS Priority with tracking.

Added some more.

Added a couple. I’m open to offers. Thanks for looking!

Changed up the list of wants. Thanks for looking!

Free bump. to anyone interested in the his punchline it looks awesome in person ;D

Changed it up a bit. Thanks for looking!

Added a couple more. Thanks for looking!

Wish you were interested in a gnarwhal lol.

Added a few more today. Thanks for looking!

i have a 5-star and i may be willing to trade it for either a pistelero or a lucky 7. i will keep you in mind because i may be fixing up my c grade 5star and then i will be way more willing to trade my other one

Up. Get in touch if you decide to trade it LookAYoYo. Also, in the future it’s best to shoot me a pm about trade offers.

how much would it cost for the large bearing, siliconed, and with the green body and white caps?

Added a few things. Thanks for looking!

Added the new Kicksides.

New stuff!

really interested in the addiction plz pm me and we can work outa deal


I bought a gold pure at full retail a little bit ago. Totally kicking myself here. hahahaha. Buy that yoyo guys, thats an amazing deal! Its the best playing pure imo (I’ve owned almost all types)

Bump. Thanks for the feedback on the Pure, Colby.