Massive Clearance - High End Metals - YYF/ILYY/Oxy/HSpin/Chico/OneDrop

Hi guys I’m new to the forum but not the community. I’ve just never been big on selling yoyos, but I’m going on vacation around Asia and going back active duty army so I figured I’d clear out some of the stuff I’m not using for low/negotiable prices. I know I’m new so I expect a lot of skepticism on this post but feel free to PM me and I’ll send you my number or facebook info and we can talk/text and negotiate from there. All yoyos will be shipped via USPS and I will send you the tracking number same day or even a picture of the receipt from the post office. Honestly anything you guys need me to do ensure and honest transaction has been made I’ll do it.

Note that some of these have konkave or center trac bearings. They will ship as pictured with those bearings.

SIDE NOTE - I am going camping from Monday to Wednesday Night (SEP 2-4), don’t know if I’ll have signal but if i don’t reply to PMs that’s why. Trying to sell these before next monday as I leave for China for a couple weeks.


California - $70 MINT

Note - Not scuff marks, just dust. Will send more pictures if requested.

Grind Machine - $15 MINT other than molding marks

Counter Attack - $25 MINT

OneDrop YoYos

Y Factor - $40 small ding on each half, shown in images

I Love YoYos
E1NS - $70 MINT

Rocket - $60 MINT

Wasabi - $70 MINT

Hspin/Oxygene - H20 - $70 MINT O-Rings replaced with YYJ Spacers for solid fit

OXY3 - $70 No Dings/Natural wear on Polish O-rings replaced with YYJ Spacers for solid fit

Chico YoYo Company
Bulldog - $40 Annodizing worn down on IRG

i pmed you about 6 mins ago, just letting u know. Thanks man