1st run blue 888 response.

Will 19mm slim pads fit the original 888? I’ve searched but can’t find anything…

Yes they will. Some sites even list those pads as “888 size,” or at least they used to anyway.

Try Flowable Silicone :).

Edit: Wrong on my part…

O, I wasn’t aware. Go ahead and delete my post ;).

Gonna have to respectfully disagree with you buddy. I’ve had one for a few years (first run, first batch, meaning no yyf premium logo in the cup) and I’ve never used anything but flowable in it.

My 888 came with flowable silicone.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Mine doesn’t look like it will take sili.
It’s a very old special edition for the yoyo store formerly in Maui. I was under the impression is was stock except for the logo.

Going to have to humbly agree w/you. Dug mine out and it comes with a sili groove.
Looks like my memory is failing.

Nope - my apologies are in order.

No worries brother. If that’s the biggest blunder you make today, I’d say it’d be a pretty good day :wink:

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So, it’s all cleared up.

Go ahead and try silicone then ;).