1drop Prodgect (markmont edition)

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1drop Prodgect MarkMont edieion
On a scale of 1-10
Sleep time------------8
3A---------------------5(would be higher if wasnt for price)
4A…6(better then 3a cause of grinding capibilities)

This yoyo is the perfict advanced 1A or 5A yoyo, it feels great in the hand and plays even better, i have only one complaint about this yoyo, stock it is responsive. Nothing some thin lube cant fix, but if you are out of lube it is a HARD to break in that 10 ball bering, but this yoyo is fun and used by a pro:
Mark Montgomery

PS dont bag on me if this revew is bad, prity tired right now


Good review :wink:

I need to save up for a Project…

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the above is falce I just got a DM and a meteor and the progect is OK compared to them but the YYJ sleep time and stability OWN the prodgect here is the actual revew

sleep time------6
2A---------------NO WAY
This yoyo, not so good the sleep time isint so great and that throws off all of the other things you can do with a yoyo, DEFFINATLY not worth $110.00! other yoyos i reccomend in that price range are the Meteor, eight8eight, and G5


This is a quote from another review on another forum about the Markmont:

[quote] At first, this yoyo didn’t seem like it was worth the money, but after breaking it in, it plays like a dream.
I just thought you might want to know…


The Project Markmont is a very long sleeping yoyo and can preform just as good or better than the other yoyos you said. It may just be that you do not like it, but the Markmont is a yoyo that many people use as their main throw. Just give it a chance I know you will love it.

Just break in the bearing.

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I just put a ceramic KK bearing on my prodgect and i love it, im gona get of the computer and play with it now bye