1A Yoyo battle (Kapcom vs. Yoyoingmonkey)


Ill let Kapcom have the first video.

Here’s me Yoyoingmonkey


I have to say yoyoingmonkey.

Also, sweet music…what song is that?


I challege yoyoingmonkey to a battle
I chose you
good job both of you


i voted for me ;D


Yeah, yoyoingmonkey has Way more skill than me. Nicely done vid, btw.


I voted for Yoyoingmonkey, nice set of combos and tricks.
Kapcom did pretty good too, way better than me xD


thanks, and keep practiceing kapcom, i still need a lot of practice too.




You don’t have to bump this thread, this battle is over.

Happy Throwing! =]



Might as well lock it. :wink:


Hey Kapcon want to do a video battle with me i think it will be a little more even cause from the vid your probly mid advanced right? im around there 2 so wanna battle?


Sure, jdog. A duel sounds great. I’ve been working on a talent show routine, so I’ll take that and make a vid. Give me a week or so to make it, and we can make a seperate thread for it.


Dude I was the filmer/Editer/Music producer or put it this way I was the director :slight_smile: