1a Tutorial - Magic Tangle

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #1

This one starts with magic drop, then gets complicated, lol.  If you need help with your magic drop or are looking to learn something else, check out my tutorials here:



Had to stop halfway through the video… I hate the police. Lmao XD

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What does it have anything to do with the police man XD ??? Really , i’m curious and wanted to know XD


The sirens in the background


heres your sign…

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(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #6

Lol, I didn’t really pay attention to it until you pointed it out. Random background noise, I tend to get really, really focused when I’m doing something Yoyo related. Perhaps when I run out of material I’ll go back and refilm this, but I don’t think the Siren intereferes with the content, so take it as an amusement.


Hahaa i was just jokin man. I landed the trick good tutorial!!

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(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #8

Wonderful! Thank you for the compliment. Now go make a video of you looking like me doing the trick!


High speed chase on the streets?? Haha

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Thank you all!
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