1a Tutorial - Knockout

This is an easy, quick to learn trick.  Since people seem to have been liking the simpler stuff, I thought I’d go with that for a while.

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Thanks for helping us newbies out.

Upsidedownfish Sandwich is one of my favorite tricks I can do by the way. Thought i would share that. lol.

That’s still one of my go-to tricks when showing off! I’m glad to be helping.

Wonderful! A simple yet cool trick derived from something almost everybody knows. ;D

Thanks a bunch

You are welcome. I think I forgot to mention. This one is not my trick, one of the grade 6 students at my school made it up, he chose the name.

I have done this messing around. If people like simple cool looking stuff like this maybe I will make some tutorials. It’s like just repeating the matrix roll without going into another double or nothing. its fun to see how fast one can do it (over and over) or doing it without wrapping around the index and just swinging it around and around keeping the string connected until it rejects. Then spaghetti string… This is like THEE trick to create tension but its fun! Nice tut!

edit: oh and the name is perfect. I have almost knocked myself out going really fast with this when it rejects :smiley:
and if you dont hook you can go in both directions/fix your tension

Lol, I noticed the tension while filming, it was mildly annoying! I love simple tricks that are learnable in a short period. And please people, no knocking yourself out while learning one of my tricks. Unless you film it and let me put it up on my channel for promotional purposes.