120 SHIPPED package Wutang(Ain't nothin) edition HOT and others


Asking 120 shipped for these 6 (PAYPAL ONLY)
I really need money right now @.@
HOT wutang (aint nothin) edition is Mint with box like new comes with CT, barely used
Addiction few marks with concave bearing (not the difeyo but it comes stocked with a Japanese KK bearing)
DMII kind of loose caps (dont know why but it was lose since I got it)
Pink Whip (comes with FLAT SPEC bearing not CT)
Bandai Hyper yoyo Grind saturn (kindof random lol) hubstacked
Onestar Black (FLAT SPEC Bearing)

But I have different prices of you only want the HOT 95USD shipped
Addiction with grind saturn, DM II with YYF Onestar and WHIP 80USD

LF: Yeti (preferably blue, white or black)

I’m shipping from Japan don’t worry, EMS is fast, maybe about 1 week





I want that hot by itself, how much?


If you want the HOT only it’s 95USD shipped

as you can see, I’m giving a big discount with this package, but if you want the HOT by itself it’s 95USD


Bump. Still 120 as a package

And mind you it’s the Ain’t nothin edition. 95 shipped for the HOT (I’m shipping from Japan). It’s barely used maybe thrown 3 to 5 times and in a great condition. I needed money that’s why I had to sell it :frowning:

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