FS FT 2010 severe, modfatther fhz 3a set, maybe yoga flame superstar


selling is priority

2010 severe / 3a twin blue translucent modfather fhz. - MINT

and maybe a yoga flame superstar couple scratches but no vibe and still 100% smooth.

any offers?


also added
yuji superstar - mint.


looking for more cash or cash + yoyo

need some money really bad right now


bumpity bump.

i got some offers on trades but i kinda need cash or cash + yoyo
cuz i really need to get rid of some of these for money… need cash


BST rules say you must have pictures. Please post some in order to keep your thread open. Thanks.


oh. sorry. did not notice. ill get that up right away.


ok so pics up.

yoga flame. no bearring on as of the moment but happy to put reg yyf or concave, your choice

2010 severe right there. minty mint. put in a bearring i recently cleaned and plays smooth as an 888

and yuji also minty minty stacked with red and blue on both sides

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #8



if anyone wants to have one of these and save some cash on a sweet deal

id be willing to trade two mint mint with box white red northstar

for either yuji or severe


dude i wiljavascript:void(0);l trade a yoyofactory boss signed by augie fash with a cuple scuffs and 1 ding for the severe ;D

(system) #12