1 Year

One year ago today, I made the descision to change my life in the most difficult way imaginable. After 15 years of drug abuse and addiction to the most lethal substance known to mankind, I got fed up, got help and stopped. After quitting, I needed something to keep my hands busy, so I picked up a yoyo. After a while, I found an AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE, CARING, INVOLVED, FUN and KIND community…no…family. I love my life even though I am goiing through a lot right now. I am clean, sober and I have a beautiful wife and son. And on top of that, I am privileged to be part of the most supportive and awesome community on earth. I love this community. And I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into it because wether you know it or not, you all have kept me going. Thank you.

You were addicted to botulimin toxin?


Congratulations on your 1 year celebration. It’s a good beginning to many great things to come even though life can throw us some unusual twists and turns. Stay positive, enjoy the present, look to the future and believe in yourself as you move forward. Surround yourself with those that support you and remember, I take yoyo’s as gifts. ::slight_smile:

With all sincerity, I have mad respect for anyone willing to accept such a challenge, face it, and make a positive change. Keep it up, such challenges can last a very long time.

That google search though xD
Hope to see your life make a 180 into the right direction!

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Thats a great story thank you for sharing this with us!

yea, honestly, It has been the most amazing year of my life and that is partly due to this community :slight_smile:

well you know yoyoers don’t care about people’s pasts or background. Heck, we have had people that have been in jail and we still give the respect…

I was going to say cyanide or somethimg, but decided I had to go all the way.

Since I haven’t said it already, congrats Yakuza, staying clean isn’t easy.

Congrats, man, and thanks for sharing. Despite the occasional squabble and flame out (and what family doesn’t have those?) it really is a great community.

yea man, i wouldn’t trade my spot in this community for the world. no joke. after skateboarding professinally for 3 and a half years i thought that every community was like them. Cruel, competitive, hateful and judgemental. but after going to the BAC i couldn’t have been more wrong!

Congratulations. It is a wonderful thing you have done to face your addiction and overcome it. I’ve known the bite of addiction of drugs other than heroin in my life so I know how hard it can be to change.