1 THROW: Arty Foley vs Zach Smith

Battle time! Its Arty and me going toe to toe. Who won?



NOTE: All edits were done in post. These are true one throw combos.

Really? Nothing?

both were excellent but i had to go with arty :slight_smile:

Note to self- I don’t have jack on either of you guys. ;D

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Zach- longer more technical (hard to see string lil bit on long shot edits)
Arty- shorter less technical but really smooth and cool
Me- also has nothin on you guys

Thats why I had to go with Arty.

I went with Arthur. His combo was super smooth and nice.

Same. Both were really good but I think arty’s was better

Man I got creamed! XD

Rematch at TN states, Arty? : D

You know it, bro.

Word up!