1 full year of yoyoing!

using the orbital gtx


Awesome dude, crazy progression.


Very nice. I feel like a slacker now.


Very nice! Is there a name to the trick that begins at 0:18?

Wow loved it and good throw loce orbital gtx

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Good stuff man, keep up the good work!

That was very impressive!

18 sec Looked like a speed combo


Good job!
When playing sidestyle you should use breakaways tough (except you are doing some crazy rejection stuff that requires the other rotational direction).


Yoooooooo you killed it!!

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Honestly i am an old school 90s thrower and i throw front style as well, i noticed it’s more stable and ten times better for rejections :sweat_smile:

It just hit me though, for people like me and the homie who killed this awesome video, would it make sense to throw with lefty strings as we throw the same direction as a lefty throwing a breakaway?

As a leftie, I throw normal strings.
I don’t see why there’s even a market for leftie strings.

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I assumed they were twisted in the opposite direction so it would be different on the string tension after a few throws

I don’t see how this should create a problem.
While playing, the string will get twisted anyway and needs to be corrected. Which way is irrelevant.


Well good to know then lol I’ll take your word it makes no difference :sweat_smile:

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Amazing. Glad to have you here. Keep it up, Buddy