1/9/13 Survey Wednesday!

Survey Wednesday!

Favorite color string?

What New Years resolution have you kept so far?

What is your favorite comedy movie?


try to learn horizontal

Princess Bride (anybody?)


put more time into yo-yoing since I put all this money into it.

the 40 Year Old Virgin.

Deep green
Enter a yoyo contest
Pinnaple Express

Stop drinking milk tea
Bride maids

Glow-In-The-Dark (it counts)
I’ve been throwing more
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

None. I didn’t nake one.

Princess bride.

Neon Yellow.

Have fun yoyoing. :smiley:

Get Smart.

Black string.
Resolution? Learn white Buddha-almost there.
Movie - too hard to chose…

  1. Any
  2. Don’t throw up. My friend ruined it for me last year. ;D
  3. Depends

Oh nice I didn’t even think of that glow in the dark string nice!