1.5 Hook Help?

Hello… i have serious problem on 1.5 hook… please help mee… :slight_smile: I don’t know how to throw the loop… can you post video?


Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

i had this same problem not too long ago…im assuming you can do hidemasa hook, correct? well, the advice given to me was this " it;s one of those tricks you really have to figure out your self. when you throw the loop you are actually rotatingyour throwhand in a full rotation. instead of half with like hook and brent stole." Given by rsmod or SR as they both gave advice so yeah got them switched…

hopeflly with the video and some advice you can get it. dont get discouraged it may take some time to finally get it.

Use the video here on YYE.
Some tips:
It’s not that hard if you know the normal hook form. all you’re doing is catching the loop with your throwhand instead you non-throwhand.
So, hook the string, and let the loop revolve around your throwhand pointerfinger like usually. Then, instead of letting the loop continue to the gap of the yoyo, let the loop continue to your throwhand pointerfinger. from there the loop should go back around your throwhand pointerfinger and into the gap like a normal hook.

It took me awile to finaly get it. Basiclay theway to get the loop is instead of the a laceration you whip the string behind your finger like regular hook, but the trickto get the 1.5 hook is bringing you finger closer to get so that when you whip the loop goes over both finger and catches the yoyo. I hope this helped it is kind of a hard trick so dont get discuarged if you cant land it. :slight_smile: