07 888 response

So, I remember having an 08 888, and the response groove was pretty shallow. I have a bunch of Kpads but somehow I imagine they won’t fit my 07 888. The pads it are wearing down but I don’t wanna rip them out if kpads wont fit. I could always silicone it, but I distinctly remember the groove seeming pretty shallow.

-Edit…maybe thin 19mm IR pads?

The '07 888 large bearing uses K-Pads. 8)

All large bearing 888 response is the same. Any 19mm silicone sticker or flowable silicone will work.

Ok I’ll rephrase that. I have a bunch of the more recent colored YYF pads. They aren’t explicitly kpads. I’m worried theyre thicker than kpads.

All large bearing 888 response is the same. From '07 to current models. They’re all 19mm silicone pads. YYJ ones will fit, irPads will fit, YYF pads will fit, K-Pads will fit, any 19mm silicone sticker will work fine.

You’ll be fine, just clean out the recess and stick it in.

True story