Zort's Tutorials: Doge's Revenge


Alright. I recently got a Go Pro and I decided to go out in this 100 degree weather for you. Not for the person sitting next to you, but specifically, you.

It’s a definite improvement on my first video. I will have a mirrored version for all those lefties out there.


Could I please have some constructive criticism. Would help immensely


I like the video, but it’d be great it you had a couple different camera angles to show the trick. Great job though!


Awesome video and music made me laugh a lot. The trick was explained pretty good and I learned it in no time. My only critique would be (like previously said) to add a front camera angle so I could see better how it looks like. Everything else was great tho keep them coming.


Thanks! My initial camera died whilst making the video so I used only the head Mount camera. The song is one of my favorites.

Sorry for not responding very fast. I was out of town for a bit. Thanks for the tips. My camera stopped working the shutter Jammed. :wink:

I hoped you guys, And gals liked the trick. I’m working on the mirrored Version currently. Anyone know of a good software that allows mirroring the Video, but not just spinning it around, like it faces you?