Tutorial on Zach Gormley's "Rotating GT Slack"!

I don’t know if there’s an ‘official’ name that someone gave this trick, but I’m calling it Zach’s “Rotating GT Slack” just for reference.

You can find the video here (720p30FPS): https://youtu.be/60nh1ZU8UY8

A full list of detailed instructions and info is in the video description. Enjoy!

If you watched it, answer any of these questions for me so I can make my videos better:

  • What did you see missing / wrong with this tutorial?
  • How can I make my next one better?
  • What should I do next?

Thanks to all who give positive feedback! :smiley:

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stop making me want a new camera

lol! I have an old camera, it’s only the lighting that makes it look good. My camera does 720p30FPS max, and the quality could be better. I just put a fluorescent light next to the camera to make it look better :smiley:

Great tutorial!! It’s not a very long trick, but is a nice element to add to the end of a combo. It’s nice that it is a shorter trick so that I can remember all of the steps without rewinding the video over and over.
Very fun trick. :slight_smile:

The second step isn’t very clear. The most important part for viewers to see, isn’t in frame. Other than refilling that one part, not much needs to be done! :slight_smile:

Good job and nice figuring the steps of the trick