Zeekio C~4

Like it?

very nice if you get get a tad more speed it would be one of the best videos i ever seen

Wow, thanks. Im not big on speed though…

In my opinion the speed you play at already is perfect for the way you play. All your tricks have a nice flow and look great. I look forward to seeing more in the future. Also, How is the c4?

The bearings that come with the C~4 REALLY need to be cleaned but once you do that, it esily stacks up with $100 yoyos

th C4 is by far the most beatiful pre polished throws i have ever seen! my friend has two, you should watch him do 3a in the sun. It’s blinding!

Hehe, 1a in the sun is hard enough :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe he should do a Mickey and wear sunglasses?

OH i have to tell him that!



BTW… whats your favorite zeekio yoyo so far dylan?

Thats a really hard question…But im gonna say the Tempest, its perfect for my style and I love it :stuck_out_tongue:
What about you?