Zeekio Apollo? Or other Offstrings?

Hi, anyone tried one? I really, really want to get back into offstring and this catches my eye. I’m also looking at the Jet Set EC (depending on the price, I forget how much those cost), and maybe the Ashiru Kamui Light or the yoyorecreation Aeronaut (the $40 version). Any other recommendations?

Don’t recommend any YYJ offstrings. I’ve tried/owned all that I want to try/own.

I have heard good things about the Apollo!

I also heard good stuff about the Kamui Light

Why thank you my good sir

On the other hand, I’ve seen some negative remarks about the Kamui Light, this being the most prominent… Sounds like you may be better off with something other than the Kamui Light.


I saw that. That’s why my first choice would be the Apollo/Nimbus…

The ashiru kamui looks like a good choice :slight_smile: