Zammy presents: Daniel Ickler 2013 part 2

“You know I’m serious when I use my real name”.

Decided to make a clip video showing some of my new ideas since the last video during the summer. Why not go out of 2013 with a bang and make a video! To which this shows some new neat ideas due to influence from Jason Lee and old Spindox videos from 2001.

The third trick is a collab combo with Nehemiah Peterson we called “Bugatti”.

Check it and share it out. Much love and Happy holidays!


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Get a computer.

The video is super cool! Those are some nice ideas! Cool to see some more stuff from you.

You guys are so Awesome! great Video! I loved the inverted Y boingiboing, not sure what that trick is called.

Dang those rejections tho :o I loved the whole thing, so many creative tricks man. Is that a string knot at 1:12? lol just wondering

What country are you in and what device are you using? Because I know I am able to watch it on my Galaxy 2 on youtube (without going into my account). So I am not sure what is going on.

Thanks man. :slight_smile: Real appreciation to you sir. Just doing my thing I guess.

:wink: Thanks man! I haven’t decided a trick name but figure calling it “Sabroing-Sabroing” as the inverted Y looks like the Saberwing picture trick.

Rejections? Depends where your looking. The very first combos first part is more so a tension/slack than a rejection. There is two slight rejections that happen in the neck combo to make it flow. Thanks again :slight_smile: and there probably was a knot! aha. Just gotta keep yoyoing :wink:

Just in case the “no mobile” comment just referred to the way the forum software changes normal links into embedded video, here’s the plain link:

Really creative stuff there, Zammy. Slacks and mounts I don’t think I’ve seen before… not that I’ve seen everything there is, but still a lot that seemed unique!


Good stuff as always. Thanks for answering my messages~ =X

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