YYR messiah $70 *stardust 2 $70 glepnir $60 dreadnaught $60

here you go folks, some YYR most A grade, Dreadnought (few dings and wear) Glepnir (tiny marks and ) (very nice some wear) stardust 2 (very very nice tiny mark) marcus koh positron (nice tiny ding and some wear Some random one drops who’s names I don’t remember ( original markmont nickel and markmont 2) and some clwy collabs. Also a pile of random modding things, and what ever else I failed to mention please feel free to make an offer, will sell it all together if desired. sorry for the lack of organisation need to sell these fast.

WOOLY MARKMONT MADNESS *throws pure. marks only on surface

The stuff that’s halved is missing bolts, nothing striped though. I want 100$ for the YYR, (dread 70) 50$ for the spy pro and ILYY, 80 for the original genesis, *nickel cascade 100 summit 100 the rest make offers *needs to go fast *paypal and same day shipping

Woolymarkmont glepnir and chief pending. New deal pick any 4 for 200, valid for one sale get on that offer quick !!!

Really looking to make some sales guys. Will throw in concaves on most of the high end throws and some kitty string . Will consider any offer . $600 for whole collection

Wooly markmont now going for 70, and most other throws 50 hurry these need to go !!!

Markmont next, woolymarkmont, summit and artic circle gone !!!

Yyr 60$ each chief $70 the rest make offers need to go tonight !!

spend 100 dollars and get the project or supernova for free one drop cacascade near mint 70

Turning point positron 1 scuff tiny vibe 50$. one drop code 1 no guts some scratches 40$ original yyf genesis (the good 1) 50$ ten yo giant thing 40$

Fade, spare bolt and nut can be purchased at Home Depot for maybe a dollar.

Attention a second tiny mark I hadn’t noticed has been discovered on the chief, I will provide any pics you request obviously, 4 people are trying to haggle me. Price will not change its externally fair.

Stardust 2 and dreadnaught


Messiah and cascade


One drops

Chief pending and glepnir dreadnaugth and wet whistle pending. Project fade is goneeeeee

Chief gone buy those YYR

Both cascades and cafe racer gone

All YYR left and yoyo factory stuff, also the spy the code 2 halves and other random things !