YYJ Unleashed(s)?

Are they any good? I have 2 NXGs and they work great, but I was just wondering if the Unleashed(s) were better than the NXGs…

Thanks in advance…

i dont think you should bother getting a pair of unleashed if ur sunsets work fine.

i don’t think you should post in this topic if you’re not going to help
yes, unleasheds are amazing i have them, they’re amazing loopers

How many working 1a throws do you have. And yes the unleasheds are great (possibly better then the loop 900), but you may(probably not) like the nxgs more.

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Is the Unleashed significantly better than the NXGs? Or is it not worth it to buy them if I have 2 NXGs that work just fine?

If you can afford it, the unleashed are nice. But if you already have you sunsets and they work fine, then I wouldn’t get unleashed. The NXG are good