YYFxPatrickCondon: 4a ft. NorthStar ft. Patrick.Condon2011 ft. kpads ft. YYF

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To further delay the release of my signature yoyo, the Theory, and to cause massive hype hype hype, I have made myself busy reinventing myself and innovating the swag swag swag 4a scene. This trick is incredibly boss and legit and will make haters hate.

   -Patrick Condon


Remind me to never let you get near my northstar!


Ya and whatever happened to your signature yoyo it has sure taken a while.

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I’m delaying it even further by making this response in this thread.


pat those were the best videos ive ever seen haha

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It’s much funnier here

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I think it’s funny, YYN flipped tables over this, you guys remained silent. Yet, YYN accuses YYE of being worse. Okay.

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Hmm. If you want to check out the experiment in its intended glory, check out YoyoNation.

Congratulations guys, you passed the test.

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