YYF yo yos

i have 3 of YYJ Yo Yos(DM, Atmosphere, and New breed) and i was thinking of trying a YYF yo yo which one should I try first? BoSS, 44, 2010 California, or The DV888 i don’t know

Well ya got to ask your self these question:

Which size do you prefer: Big (like your DM and New Breed), Medium, or small (like your atmosphere
Which weight do you like: Heavy (like your DM and atmosphere), Medium, or light
Which shape do you prefer: Wide rims, rounded, h-shape, sharp etc
Does color matter?
Which response do you like: Hybrid, Silicone, Double O-ring etc
Which width do you prefer: Wide, moderate, or thin
How much are you willing to pay?
Whats your skill level?

i like the DM size a weight color really doesn’t matter for me . i prefer wider rims and i don’t know the diferent between the response system i prefer no respose. i am will no more that 150 for it my skill is i don’t know i can do some of the advance trick but for sure do all of the intermediate trick. lol well not that well but is perfecting it lol

I strongly suggest the genesis, full sized, nice shape, nice weight.


go by HIS preferences not yours

lol i was looking into the boss and the gen i think i have to go this friday to the yo yo store to try them both out. KEi how is the boss any way?

Go for the DNA if yo can find one used. Same size and shape as the DM, and completely unresponsive.

DNA and the genesis which one is better?

The Dna is a full sized 888. I think that you would like the Genesis, Superstar, and the DNA. If you want a rounded feel go for the DNA. If you want the H-shape and stacks go with the Superstar, and if you want the H-shape without stacks they you should go with the Genesis. I would read some reviews and see what you like in the yoyos. And try them if you can. The DNA will be harder to get because they don’t make them anymore.

dam i look at the YYE site they have 0 in stock but i am kinda leaning toward the Genesis and the superstar. does anyone know anything about the 44?

44 is like the Boss. It is practicly the same as the boss except its rim weighted. Try the boss. i have it and its beast. Im on the expert pt2. So plese consider my opinion