YYF SuperStar Response

Hey guys,

I was wondering which response system to buy for my superstar. The information page says its a CBC slim pad, but its not there. Do I buy like a Standard CBC white, Standard K-pad yellow, a different one, or do i just need to wait until they have it in stock

silicone it or buy cbc pads i think

“its not there”?
There should be a small white circle on either side of the bearing.
If not, you can buy CBC and K-pads for sure.
Other silicone may fit, but for now buy CBC thin or thin K-pads.

Hope this helps!

Yes. The Standard size K-Pads are the 888 size which fits most of the Yoyofactory metals and it fits the Superstar according to Yoyoexpert.com. O0

He meant that the store is out.

No, they have a 135 in stock. They shouldn’t be out of stock.

lol ;D