Protostar Response


Just wondering what type of response the protostar has beacuse one of the little white rings came out, I was wondering what it was so that I can replace it if needs be, I managed to stick that sticker back in quite well, and plays fine at the moment but has this ever happeneed to you, what did you do and what response is it?

(laxdude99) #2

White 888 size k pads


would it be the YYF CBC  pads?

off of this site?


Yes, YoYoFactory no longer uses K-Pads. Instead, they use the CBC pads from Central Bearing Company that you linked to.


Or you could order the same thing off YoyoExpert.

(yoyo jake) #6

it will be cheaper for him there because there in europe and not in the usa and shipping from usa to uk would be expincive


Tis’ cheaper

you get red gasket at autozone


Yeh I only buy from the UK because otherwise the prices are to high, shipping cost etc