Where to buy yoyo officer response pads or equivalent

I have a YYO orbis. I am looking to replace them as they are getting worn out. I liked how the response pads felt when I first got the yoyo. So if i can find the same that comes stock that would be great. However I am willing to purchase something that will still fit. I looked online a bit and I couldn’t find anything that was exclusive to YYO. If you guys know where I can buy replacement response pads for my orbis please respond thanks.

Contact the store and see what they say. They probably know what they have that fits.

The store on yoyo expert?

But of course. :wink:

By Email: Contact@YoYoExpert.com

By Phone: USA: (413) 551-9696

I believe the black YOYOFFICER response pads are just standard 19mm slim pad size so you have plenty of options for replacements.  If you like the feel of them try some of the softer/grippier CBC Pads.  Blue is probably the closest to stock YYO pads.