Superstar Response?

I’ve found my new John Ando Superstar’s response to be quite slippy. Nothing irks me more than a slippy response, so I was looking to replace it with something different. Perhaps I just got a bad set of CBC Pads, but I was wondering what other types of pads will fit into the Superstar? Flow grooves, K-Pads, IR pads? Will it accept flowable silicone?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Just let me know what response setup you like in your Superstar!

ALSO— What is the difference between CBC pads and K-pads? It seems like people use the terms interchangeably, but on YYE they are listed as different products.

Thanks in advance, guys. :slight_smile:

I know flowable sil will work with the superstar and flowable is generally more responsive. I use it in my 888x, Blood brother, and a bunch of other yo-yos. You can’t go wrong with it :wink:

As far as I know, the K-Pads are supposed to be comp grade pads which means they break in faster but also wear out quicker. Haven’t really noticed a huge difference personally. Both pads will work just fine but if you’re after a snappier response, soft IrPads in the YYF/YYJ Slim size will probably be your best bet.