yyf string


Anybody know what yoyo string yyf throws ship with? I recently got one and i felt the string that came with it performed significantly better than the bulk string i usually use. All help appreciated.


Aside from my neon protostar, I haven’t liked any of the yyf string. So, I’ve never looked into it. But, I wouldn’t mind knowing what the neon collection shipped with.



I’m almost positive it’s YYF string.


Should be the same bulk polyester sold all over.


Neon Collection string was made specifically for Neon Collection. Champions collection also has a custom string (both were /will be sold in bulk also).

YoYoFactory will also be offering branded string shortly for those looking for that guarantee of quality :slight_smile:


so… the neon string will be sold as bulk? The green/orange/pink colorway? I NEED THAT



Meaning if I buy strings from you and they come to me with the finger loops twisted up on themselves and crap consistency I can send them back, not the “you get what we grab you” stuff all the stores force on us?

Because I have bought some REALLY crappy string from YYN and YYE, essentially useless.