YYF Shutter

So I’m looking to buy a shutter but I want thepolished Aqua one Gentry Stein uses ( http://instagram.com/p/sRTMOtTZwq/ ) where can I buy one?

Gentry actually polished that himself for worlds, and they were available on yoyoexpert for a short while because they sold out very quickly. All I know is that you could either send it to yoyofactory or do it yourself.

They came out abut 5 months ago, but sold out in like 5 minutes. you can buy a solid aqua one and polish it yourself, or have someone else from these forums polish it.

EDIT: Ninja’d by DKiminator.

They were on sale here at YYE in all of the colors but they went pretty fast. To get one now you’d have to get and aqua shutter and polish it. I don’t now anyone who does polishing but i’m sure you could find one.