Polished Rim Shutters! Extremely Limited Quantities!!!

The Polished Rim Shutter has been made, but in


As seen in the World Champions hands.

The Polished Rim Shutter Releases at 8 PM EST on September 10 in EXTREMELY Limited Quantities!!!

How much will it be?

~120 of them.


More like 25…

From ask.fm:

How many polished rim Shutters were made in total?

About 120 across 4 colors

I think he means only 25 were sent to YYE.

Sick, although you could probably just polish a shutter yourself. I’d buy one though.

Yeah, I know, jast wanted to prove that I didn’t pull that number out of my ***.

Yep! 25ish…we can’t give away all the info! :wink:

Yeah you can definitely do it yourself, but for $20 you don’t have to worry about messing up your Shutter with an uneven awkward polish. ;D

I trust myself. Ill polish mine today.

I didn’t trust myself on that one. So, I went with the black store bought polished rim Shutter. Also, I wasn’t sure if a polished solid color Shutter could bear the “world champion” engraving otherwise. I have a whole Shutter collection now, and with this one being a “World Champion” Shutter, I think it will be the last one for me.

That is a good look!

that’s exactly why I wanted one.

I know the aqua was the most popular in demand, due to Gentry winning Worlds with that color. But, to me, it wasn’t the best contrast with the polished silver. So, I went with the black one, and it looks perfect. Fact’ry did a great job polishing, a nice neat job of it. It reminds me of what a Shutter would look like in a tuxedo, or if a Shutter reproduced with a shiny black Lexus. In other words…just classy. ;D

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3852/15298275516_935c3d2e4b.jpgShutterpolished by The TotalArtist, on Flickr