yyf severe, yyf g funk, c3 dibase, c3 token


which of these yoyos are best for everystyle or 1a,5a and horizontal


I would go with the dibase, I have one and love it.


YYF Severe, it is a great YoYo for all of those!


Every style? None of these are suitable for 4A or 2A.

The Token and G-Funk are kind of small. The Token, being even smaller, is really only good for 1A for the most part. The G-Funk is more flexible, being suitable for 5A as well. I’m not sure about 3A though, but it would handle 3A better than the Token. The Token is just too small. It’s a good fun pocket throw and trainer, which is why it’s best for 1A. The G-Funk is a more versatile design, but it also cost more too.

I played a Severe and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with it in any way, it’s not one I’m going to buy. Why? Preferences, nothing more. But, I can easily see this one excelling at 1A, 3A and 5A, no problem. I also think that the new Delrin one is gonna fly off shelves and be a big seller for YYF.

The shape of the DiBase gives it an edge for horizontal. It’s meant for 1A, but can do 3A and 5A as well. I think the Severe would outperform it in 5A. However, I think the DiBase would do better at horizontal. I really enjoy the DiBase and am glad I have one.